No matter who you are, and whether it’s for business or personal, be sure to surround yourself with people who uplift, empower and support you.  All of these ladies, personally provide me with inspiration, empowerment and tools for different areas in my life.

I encourage you to check out these amazing women, who each have a personal desire to heed Ghandi’s wise words and “Be the change I wish to see in the world”



With a positive attitude and passion for life despite trauma and tragedy, Annette Stanwick delivers unforgettable messages of hope, forgiveness, freedom and peace.  As a speaker and Freedom Facilitator, she inspires and empowers audiences and individuals to let go and live free by overcoming life difficulties with positive choices.  Annette is the Award-winning author of FORGIVESS: THE MYSTERY AND MIRACLE.

“Through Annette’s life-changing book “Forgiveness: The Mystery and Miracle” I made some miraculous shifts that brought me tremendous freedom, peace and a renewed faith.  I am humbled and honored to know Annette, she inspires and empowers me on many levels.” ~ Lee Horbachewski ~



Farhana Dhalla is the “go to” person for shifting perspective.  I am blessed that she is one of my closest and most treasured friends.  Her philosophy of seeing that everything is done FOR you versus TO you is the paradigm shift that helps people unlock the gifts in their situation and liberate them into living a more enriching life.  Along with being a single mom of 3 expressive children, she is an Enlightened Divorce Coach, Spiritual Coach, Master Trainer and Author of the internationally recognized book, “Thank you for Leaving Me”.

“Farhana’s book “Thank you for Leaving Me” inspired me to live and breathe love.  Farhana is one of the most pure, loving and divine souls I have the pleasure of knowing, she inspires me to live, love and laugh.” ~ Lee Horbachewski ~



Gemma Stone is passionate about empowering women to live happy, healthy, and successful lives.  As a psychologist and a coach, she has found that the most effective way to create transformation is to work with the conscious, subconsious, and unconscious mind to make sure they are all working together to move in the direction of your dreams and goals.  Gemma specializes in helping women overcome fear, anxiety, and depression because she feels they are the three biggest mental health issues that block women from living happy, healthy, and successful lives.  Gemma is a Registered Psychologist, Coach and the Founder of Birthing From Love.

“Gemma, is a person who upon your first meeting, you will feel peaceful, calm and respected.  She has touched my heart deeply through her services as a Psychologist, as a friend and someone I look to for help and support.” ~ Lee Horbachewski ~



Paula Onysko is a coach,  and wellness advocate inspiring women to live their unique sparkle. Through programs such as Summer Body Bliss, she helps women make healthy choices that sky-rocket their energy, reduce stress and have them thriving. Paula offers H-TRIO workshops on life balance, healthy eating habits, time management and a host of health products that nurture the body, inside and out, right down to a sparkling smile. Visit her

“Paula came into my life when I first moved to Canada from Australia, as a long time friend of my husband she immediately welcomed me with open arms.  In the past year we have reconnected in a deep and meaninful way, Paula inspires me on many levels, mostly as an amazing woman who embraces loving life with truth and honesty.” ~ Lee Horbachewski ~


Due to some life changing wake-up calls, Susanne took a leap of faith and left her corporate career to start her own business, Motivated by Nature. She is now an inspirational speaker, an Award-Winning author and a FUNdraiser. Susanne is passionate about helping others realize their dreams and tap into their creative potential NOW to live a fully abundant and happy life.  Her children’s book, The ABC Field Guide to Faeries, is designed to engage healthy discussions amongst caregivers and children about respect for the environment and all people.

“First meeting Susanne was like being sprinkled with magical faery dust, her beautiful energy, compassionate and upbeat presence immediately drew me in.  The ABC Field Guide to Faeries is a favorite book that my girls and I love reading together, especially when out in nature when we create Fairy Gardens.”  ~ Lee Horbachewski ~



Tessa is passionate about people living to their fullest potential. She was born knowing that she wanted to help people and discovered that the best way for her to be of service was through counselling psychology. Tessa became involved in the field of mind-body healing when she started to notice that, despite her years of training in human behaviour, she was still engaging in the same patterns. Through her journey, she discovered that in order to move past some of the interruptions in life, we need to consider ourselves as whole entities. This realization made her decide to create a community of like-minded healers through Serenity Now Wellness Centre, where individuals connect to know that they are not alone and to help people discover that they have the tools to live their best life.

“From the first moment I walked into Serenity Now Wellness Centre, I felt safe, warm and accepted.  Tessa has created a safe haven, for people to come to and realize they are not alone.  Our family has benefited tremendously from her services, I am forever grateful to have Tessa in my life.” ~ Lee Horbachewski ~

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