Benefits of Vitamin D for Your Mental Health

As you sit in the sun, basking in it’s warmth, you are also receiving a much needed vitamin for your physical and mental health – Vitamin D (Vit D). Unfortunately, we don’t receive all the Vit D we need through the sun alone.


Last year, when my friend and Founder of H-TRIO, Melanie Hayden-Sparks suggested I take Vit D, I listened.  I checked with my Doctor to  find out the recommended dose I needed to take and the benefits, which confirmed all of what Melanie had told me.  I began taking 6,000 IU of a Vit D supplement every day, and I also immediately felt the positive results.  I remember calling Melanie a couple of days later, saying how “I couldn’t believe how better I felt.”


Earlier this year, after his physical and blood work, my husband was informed his Vit D levels were VERY low, and he too was recommended to take at least 6,000 IU a day.  Once again, after a few short days, he too felt the positive effects.


So how does Vit D help with your mental health?

According to a recent review, treating vitamin D deficiency in people with depression or other mental disorders may result in improvement in both long-term health and quality of life. Reports confirm that vitamin D has a positive affect on depression:

Women in Washington State increased their vitamin D levels to 47 ng/mL (118 nmol/L) by taking 5000 IU of vitamin D each day during the winter. In some of these women, their depressive symptoms lessened as indicated by the decrease in their scores on a depression test.  Source Vitamin D Council


Recently I’ve been slacking off on my commitment to taking my daily dose of Vitamin D and I can tell you, it definitely makes a difference.  Back to committing to my mental health and vitamin D…

Talk to your Doctor or mental health professional about suggested doses.




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