Emotional Crap – Feeling Not Good Enough

Yesterday I wrote about the crap called clutter that I have created in my physical space.  There is another type of crap I am dealing with – and that is emotional, It never ceases to amaze me how clutter in my surroundings impacts my emotional space.  I led to this with these statements from last night’s blog post:

My head feels like it’s going to explode! The clutter in my head, is filling up.  Negative beliefs are surfacing – “I’m not good enough” “I’m not worthy”

My spirit feels frazzled and confused! Spending all this time on the physical clutter has left me feeling frazzled.  My spirit is exhausted, I miss the things that bring me release and joy.

My heart feels disconnected and lost! I feel disconnected from everyone and everything.  There’s the old saying “out of sight, out of mind” that’s how I feel.


As I write this the Quiet Strong Voice pops up “Lee, you are enough and you are worthy.”

So what do I need to do to reframe and take care of me?

Thanks to a beautiful phone call from Natasja of Symmetry Works who called to check on me, I let it all out through tears, disappointment and frustration.  Natasja encouraged me to go create – go do something for me right now.  So the first step was writing this post – as writing brings me great release.  Secondly I am going to go downstairs in the clutter free basement and look at my 2012 dream board.

My four words:
Commitment – I am committing to put myself first.
Resilience – I am resilient and will step through this.
Persistent – I am taking each moment at a time with persistence.
Love – I am worthy of my own love.

As I look at the photo I am so proud to see there is NO stuff or crap on here – it is all about relationship, and a way of being.  I really need to add the word Patience to the list – it has taken a lot of my energy to slow down, be very intentional and thoroughly researched to create.

What emotional crap do you need to let go of?



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  1. Dear Farhana,

    As always your words are exquisite and beautiful.  I think this is a “state” many can relate to, however feel ashamed or embarrassed to admit.  
    There is no shame in admitting and taking ownership of the stories we tell ourselves, and believing at times the shit (yep I said it LOL) we make up.  As Byron Katie so wonderfully asks in the powerful questions of “The Work” :

    1. Is it true?
    2. Can you absolutely know it’s true?
    3. How do you react when you believe the thought?
    4. Who would you be without the thought?

    More often than not “the stories” are not true, and without them we can be authentically true to ourselves and others.  

    Ooohh Farhana you have just inspired a blog post…  I had a whole big reply…Hugs & love to you
    Lee xoxox

  2. LoveLee,

     So much of what you wrote here about your ‘state’ feels familiar to me… it came – and went – last week. And the week before. And the week before that. And much like you, I have to remind myself of the truth of who I am even when whispering voices of doubt try to claim me. 

    Even today I noticed how active my imagination is and how many conversations I play about what is going on and the crazy part is, I actually believe the **it I make up. Today though I exercised a muscle that I am using more and more. I am changing the story even when I don’t have new information that would force me to change the way I view it. 

    I am learning how to choose what I imagine. And these tools here that you shared will help me get to mastery faster.

    Gawd I love you!


  3. Thank you for sharing your truth, it just goes to show we are never alone!  How wonderful that you were inspired to do your own dream board.  And your four words are awesome.  Gratitude is so important, even the challenging times there is something to be grateful for in it – as there will always be a positive that comes out of it.

    You are welcome and thank YOU.
    Hugs & Love 
    Lee xoxox

  4. Jemcclain10 says:

    Oh Lee! It’s like you jumped into my head and heart and wrote all of my frustration, feelings and fluster! It’s funny, as you inspired me to do a dream board and My heart also chose four words – LOVE…COMMITTMENT…GRATITUDE…RESILIENCE. Thanks for keepin it real and keepin on…. You go girl!

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