To Honour Oneself and Others

To honour is to hold great respect.


Earlier this year I attended Gemma Stone’s Great Life Redesign Retreat. One of the exercises she took us through was to choose a soulful word – a word that would carry us through the next year. I chose Honour.


I’ve had many opportunities over this last couple of months to really live this word. To not only honour myself, to also honour others.


This was put into perspective for me this morning in a very deep and meaningful way. A friend of mine is facing awful circumstances in her life. She has a group of her closest friends supporting her through this, I am blessed to be considered one of them. She had mentioned she hadn’t opened up to some people about what was going on in her life, and I questioned this. I encouraged her to ask the question ‘as a mother, would you want to know?’ Her response is one that landed deep in my soul.


The reason she hadn’t opened up to some people was due to the awful circumstances they were facing in their lives. This got me thinking. Isn’t authentic relationship being fully open with others, and not holding things back? And then I thought of my own challenges I’m facing.


I too have a small group of friends guiding and supporting me through some challenges right now, and there are a few of my close friends that I haven’t opened up to. Not because I don’t trust them, or honour our friendship. I’ve chosen not to as I recognize the struggles they are facing. As I shared this with one of my friends on a phone call this morning, a friend who I haven’t let know all the struggles I’m facing because of her own grief – she helped me put this into perspective and gave me her own examples of the same choices.


Holding something back is not dishonest or dishonourable, it is honouring oneself and others to hold each other with the deepest respect, kindness, compassion, love and acceptance.





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