In the Midst of Suffering Life Must and Will Go On

Death, disease, suffering, endings, pain – so much in such a short time.

I’ve had my fair share of all of these in the past month. In the past five days I’ve learned of two people I loved suddenly pass away. I’ve also watched as many friends face the same. Last night I sat in the emergency room with my husband for ten hours – thankfully his extreme abdominal pain wasn’t what we feared – finally at 7.30am after a CT scan we left the hospital knowing that he would be okay.
What I observed gave me much to ponder…

I watched as staff members were accosted by impatient people.

I observed a woman fall to the ground unable to breathe, choking on her own gagging – and watch as no one came to her aid.

I helplessly watched my own husband in agony wait for six hours to see a doctor – who at that time finally gave him something for the pain.

I watched two daughters try to keep their desperately ill mother awake – I felt their worry and concern.

I listened to the news that was continuously on in the waiting room – doom and gloom – disease, death, destruction.

I tried to sleep on a raggedy set of three chairs, using one of the blankets my husband had to keep warm and muffle some of the sound. The blanket was taken away from me.


I also observed much more…

Loved ones comforting one another.

Strangers sharing a compassionate glance of understanding.

Doctors and nurses doing the best that they could.

Paramedics sitting with people on stretchers keeping a watchful eye over them, and even creating some smiles.

Porters, cleaners and security guards go about their jobs.


This reminds me, that no matter how chaotic life may seem, there is always gifts to embrace if you’re open to seeing them.

As I come to terms with my own grief, I know this – life must and will go on.

Each moment is precious, each relationship treasured.

I choose to find gratitude in the ugliest of scenarios, and seek forgiveness in times of wrongdoing.

Life is precious. We do not know when our time on earth will come to an end. What I do know is all I have is this moment, and I am truly grateful that I am alive to experience it.



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