We Love Langkawi

12033376_814714765315693_545989868_nI’m not one to check weather forecasts before we go on a vacation. For some reason I did this time, and it almost resulted in us cancelling our trip. Thankfully we didn’t, the weather forecast, as per usual wasn’t accurate.


Due to a change in Miss A’s Volleyball tournament, Miss T and I left on our scheduled flight on Wednesday evening, Neil and Miss A left Thursday morning. Miss T and I had an adventurous ride to 12030803_814711225316047_2063294149_nthe airport in a taxi that I’m sure shouldn’t be on the road. I should’ve clued in when we opened up the trunk and there was only room for one carry on bag as there was a huge gas canister. My seat-belt didn’t work. It sounded like it was going to die. The fuel light came on in bumper to bumper traffic. He swerved across four lanes as he almost missed the turn off. Thankfully we arrived in one piece at KL Sentral for our train to the airport.


Then I12042022_814717975315372_1743270838_n realized I had left my credit card, bank card, drivers license all at home. We missed the train by two seconds. Our flight was delayed and then changed gates. Well at least we got to chill in some massage chairs for 30 minutes.


We finally arrived at the beautiful Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa and got busy decorating the room for Miss A’s 16th Birthday. Thursday morning we knelt behind the bed as Miss A walked in and we popped up with an eager SURPRISE!


After breakfast Neil and Miss A who had been up since 5.00am had a little nap, while Miss T an12064409_814723871981449_708538664_nd I walked along the beach. We had so much fun searching for shells, frolicking in the water, and simply enjoying each others company. As we neared the end of the beach I said to Miss T ‘normally you would have complained about the long walk, not once have you and we’ve been walking for over half an hour. All the stairs and walking at school is toughening you up, I’m proud of you!’

As we approached the end Miss T said ‘What’s with the Hollywood sign?!’ I couldn’t help but laugh.


Our family enjoys taking time to unwind and relax, so our first day was spent lazing around the pool and taking it easy. We all had a massage in the small open air huts by the beach. We enjoyed watching the sun set before a lovely dinner.









Friday was Miss A’s 16th birthday, so the days activities were her decision. A six hour snorkeling trip with Naam Adventures to Pulau Payar Marine Park was her choice, and a great one it was. The waters were clear, refreshing and beautiful. Fish, Black Tip Reef Sharks and coral were plentiful. We enjoyed a leisurely snorkel while the hoards of people that had just began to arrive were getting ready. We thoroughly enjoyed standing in the waters with fish and sharks swimming around our feet. As the water warmed up, small jelly fish came into shore, many people were stung as the lifeguards tried to keep up with spraying vinegar. We walked around to the other end of the park and tried going in there, half way out I was surrounded by these tiny little creatures so we decided to come back in, with the girls behind each of us for protection. Even though the jellies kept us from venturing out, we thoroughly enjoyed our day.













We decided to leave the marine park before the rush and our captain took us on a leisurely cruise through the Langkawi Islands. The waters were a brilliant hue of aqua, the cliff faces jagged and spectacular. At one point Danny, our guide, told us to yell out to hear our echoes. As we did this, we could hear all the monkeys hidden in the trees chattering away. Miss A saw a monkey with a black face, we saw some grey monkeys, and we wondered how many were there?











After a full day in the sun, we took it easy on Saturday. Relaxing at the beach. Miss A and Neil went for a 30 minute jet ski ride, while Miss T and I took in the delights of another one hour massage.


After a light snack we took a 20 minute taxi ride into Langkawi for the night market. It definitely wasn’t Chinatown markets in Kuala Lumpur, although it was interesting to walk by the river with small fish teeming at the surface, boats that were aground due to the low tide, and taking in the sights and smells of a local market.






How grateful I am that we are able to take a one hour flight to such a beautiful location. We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend in Langkawi. We’ll definitely be back to explore some more – possibly rent a car and drive around, go on the Rhino safari (and no, much to my disappointment it isn’t Rhinoceros), and a jet ski tour through the islands.


Thanks Langkawi for a wonderful weekend. We’ll be back!



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