Never Leave Home Without Them – Antidepressants That Is

“I cant believe it, I left them at home!” I declared to Neil after frantically looking through my bag when we arrived at Windermere on Friday.  I had left home without my antidepressants.

“What? How? ” Neil replied with deep concern.

Having not been in the most sound mental state lately, it’s no surprise that I left on Friday morning having forgotten my meds.

The Effects of Leaving my Antidepressants at Home
Blurred vision
Lack of focus
Depressive symptoms worsening

The countdown in my head – two sleeps until I can take it. Which means two days of my mind & body feeling the effects!

“You idiot! How could you forget!”. Thoughts plaguing me today.

What to do?

“Breathe, relax and remember this too shall pass!” The quiet strong voice says.

Grace, self-forgiveness, acceptance & taking it easy.

Yes, I take anti-depressants! They are part of a vast amount of tools I use to maintain my mental health and help me with my depression. Yes, they are mood altering, and YES there are some downsides – this is the only one for me – when I forget them!

Lesson – don’t forget them next time! Talk to my Dr about having a prescription at the pharmacy and keep some here at our place in Windermere!

For now, rest, take it easy and don’t be so hard on myself!

Have you forgotten to take your medications? What do you do to get yourself through?



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