I am known for always speaking from my heart, I have been told that audiences are enthused by my dynamic style and enchanted by my vulnerability.  Others say, I beautifully tap into my intuition, ensuring that I meet the audience where they are at before taking them on a journey of transformation.  I use my own story - A Quiet Strong Voice - as a catalyst to empower others to look at their own life journey with a renewed sense of hope and inspiration.

My own personal journey includes depression, anxiety and attempted suicide in 2004, so I know firsthand how it feels to be isolated, alone and desperate.  Depression is an insidious disease and the feelings of isolation and disconnection are experienced in ALL walks of life, no matter who you are or what you do.  Making the commitment and choice to never go back to the place of dark desperation, I have thrown myself into counseling, psychiatric, psychotherapy and psychological care, personal development and saying yes to being the designer of my own life.

I believe with all of my heart that the audiences I speak to are engaged, empowered and inspired to make changes in their own lives as they connect to their heart.

Here’s what people are saying!

“Lee inspires her audiences by her raw authenticity, deep wisdom and playful style.  Prepare to be transformed int he most enchanting way.”
~ Farhana Dhalla - Author, Speaker, Coach ~


“Lee speaks from the heart.  She shares her personal story with bravery and passion, and her listeners can’t help but to be moved.”
~ Michelle Wickerson – Communications manager, Distress Centre ~


“Lee will light up your room and open your heart.  Her courage to share her journey will connect your audience and inspire them to embrace each other.  You will never forget your time with Lee.”
~  Melanie Hayden-Sparks President, H-TRIO INCORPORATED ~


“If you want to transform your room to achieve massive shifts, then Lee is the best speaker for that job. I have had the pleasure of witnessing Lee move rooms of hundreds of people as easily as she would move her rooms with as few as three people. Her transparency and vulnerability give listeners the implicit permission to drop the roles and the facades and be completely authentic. You can trust her to read the room and direct her message to where the audience visibly shows that they feel seen and heard. She is truly a gem!”
~ Tessa Burns Owner/Registered Psychologist at Serenity Now Wellness Centre ~


“Lee has a way with people that is filled with warmth, love and care, something that many have forgotten.  As Lee speaks truth and from her heart, you feel the honesty and the power as she shares.  If you have an opportunity to hear her share and speak, you will not regret it as chance are you’ll walk away with a new friend and supporter.”
~ RAD Printing, Robin Havlicek – Pressman ~


“This passionate speaker engages her audience at an honest, gut level.  Lee is the real deal.  The candidness in sharing the private details of her own story is both endearing and intriguing.  Her courage to share at such a level of depth and integrity is inspiring.”
~ Monica Sahlmark – Sahlmark Wellness Consulting Inc. ~


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