The Journey Begins

Our international journey begins. Neil left last night for Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia to begin his new job on January 7th. As a family we decided together, that it was important for our girls to finish their school year here in Calgary, especially for our 15 year old daughter so she can graduate with her friends and class mates. We knew it wouldn’t be easy to say good bye, yet we also know the gifts this sacrifice will bring.


This past month has been filled with chaos and overwhelm, organizing and packing, drama and pain, tears and more tears. It has also been filled with love, laughter and plenty of support. Friends and family have been there supporting us along the way, from heartfelt words and words of experience shared with our daughters, intimate gatherings, to words of wisdom and support.


One of the many gifts this new journey has brought us so far is the strengthening of our already strong family. Neil and I have been married almost 20 years, and our support of one another continues to be the foundation of who we are as a family. We have both had our ups and downs, and have both been there for each other and for our girls.


This next six months we will be faced with many challenges, which will continue to bring us opportunities to grow and learn. Neil and I are incredibly touched and grateful for the help and support from our friends and family, who continue to be there for us – each in their unique and wonderful ways.


Thankfully we will reunite in February, the girls and I will travel to KL to be with Neil for ten days. The benefit of Neil being there ahead of us is that when the girls and I arrive, our new home will be set up – yes, the girls and I are grateful to not have to unpack a home – thanks Neil in advance. We will have the opportunity to see our new home, meet new friends and get a taste of what will be our life for the next two to three years. We will then meet in London, England in April – surprisingly this is the most direct half way point between Calgary and KL – we are excited to explore London and Paris for twelve days together. Our next trip will be at the end of June when the girls and I join Neil in KL.


So our first experience as an expat family begins. It will be the experience of a life time, an opportunity to explore many parts of the world, experience new cultures, and create life long memories.



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