There is Light from The Darkness

“Look at you!  A perversion of nature, a man – if you could call him that, who God himself has turned his back upon.” says the Ringmaster

“STOP IT!!!  Why would you say that?”  Will replies in such dismay and hurt.

“Because you believe it!  But if you could only see the beauty that comes from the ashes.” replied the Ringmaster.


This is a conversation in the 22 minute documentary “The Butterfly Circus”.  I strongly encourage you to take 22 minutes of your precious time to watch the documentary shown below,or order a 5 pack to pay it forwardto others.

If you also wish to read about the remarkable Nick Vujicic, his book Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Lifeis inspiring, authentic and a true testament to anything is possible.


What do you believe about yourself?

Possibly you believe that you are weak, pathetic, useless, not loved, alone. . .
What if you believed instead that you are courageous, worthy, loved and accepted?

Maybe you believe that you are a failure, a burden, not good enough. . .
What if you believed instead that you are a success in your own right, a gift to this world, that you are good enough just the way you are?


It’s easy to believe in the midst of depression and challenging times that there is no way out, no hope, not knowing how to move through.

Keep believing you are worth it, you can and will move through it.


Give yourself grace, and take baby steps to believe that beauty will come from the ashes.




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  1. Thank YOU Sus for being a constant bright light in my life.
    Love ya Lee xoxx

  2. Susanne Alexander-Heaton says:

    Holy smokes. This was powerful, then reading Ana’s comment was even more powerful. Thank you for all that you do beautiful Lee to help others. In humble gratitude to you, Sus

  3. Dear Ana,

    You are welcome, and thank YOU.  Your words have touched my heart deeply, to know that my experience was able to help you through dark times reassures I am on the right path of my passion & purpose – to let people like yourself know that you are not alone and that you are loved.  I applaud you for your courage, resilience and strength to move onwards and upwards through depression.
    Much love and hugs Lee xoxoxoxoxox

  4. Ana (aka @iAnJaCee) says:

    Dear Lee,

    Sometimes people need people (like Mendez & the rest of The Butterfly Circus) who would inspire,encourage and love them the way they are without judgement. People who would guide and teach, not ostracize and condemn. People who sees not the brokeness & ugliness but the beautiful mess. I found that in you. You inspired me to get help & help myself when you told me “You are Loved and You are not alone” on twitter last year(10/13/2011 @ approx 10:30pm). 2011-when i was climbing out of the pit of major depression and my chaotic heart,mind &life. I thank God for leading me to beautiful people like you who have known suffering and got out of it triumphant! I thank God and i thank You for uttering such words of love(even if we haven’t really met in person). You are one of those who made me want to live,love,forgive,pay forward and tell others who are broken,bittered and scarred that life is worth living inspite and despite of. Now it is my turn to say thank you and I Love You back from the bottom of my heart.

    Ana (aka @iAnJaCee/MAJCee on twitter)

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