Tips to Move Through an Anxiety Attack

My chest is burning, I’m having difficulty breathing. My head feels as if it is going to explode, and my heart feels like it will be ripped from my chest. The tears are flowing, and I am overcome with immense fear and sadness.

My Quiet Strong Voice says Breathe… Relax… This too shall pass…

I repeat my mantra, over and over and over again. It usually works, not this time though.

Yesterday I was fortunate to be on a call with Cheryl Richardson, I had my question answered about fear and frustration. Her wise words were “When you’re angry or scared, put your hand on your heart and ask yourself “What am I afraid of?” Pinpointing my fear, allowed me to journal and reflect and work through it. This worked for a bit, and then it returned.


I close my eyes, I am visualizing a beach, my hands and feet playfully touching the warmth of the sand. The sounds of the waves rolling in, and the birds in flight, gracefully and majestically soaring in freedom. The sun is beating down on my body, the sounds of children giggling while they make sandcastles fills my heart with joy. The air smells so fresh, that beautiful ocean smell.  The taste of the salt water freshens and strengthens my spirit…

aaahhhhh I just got myself through another anxiety attack. I just typed this with my eyes closed (yes I’m a good typer) and got myself through the third anxiety attack I’ve had tonight.


Anxiety is debilitating, yet it is also something you can move through. I just did, so can you!

The trick is, to have many tools in your toolkit (I lovingly refer to it as my BLUEkit) to draw upon.  Sometimes one will work, and at other times it won’t.

Visualization: exactly like I did above, for me the ocean and beach calm my heart and soul. What brings you peace, practice taking yourself there, be sure to touch all senses in your visualization: smell, touch, sight, sound and taste.

Meditation: My mantra “Breathe, Relax, This too shall pass.”  is a self meditation.  Tonight I also listened to the beautiful, calming and wonderful voice of  a cherished friend Christine Wushke


I also synchronistically received an email with a link to a video, from a coaching client – interesting how the student is also the teacher. The video shared with me evoked such a powerful surge of emotion, a release, a letting go.

Millions of people deal with anxiety, WE are not alone.

Ensure you have tools in your BLUEkit to help you through it.

Some great resources for Anxiety and Panic Attacks thanks to Healthy Place

I love this video from Summer Beretsky for


10 things you can do for a Panic Attack
How to deal with Panic Attacks: Panic Attack Self Help

It too shall pass.



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  1. Jack I am so sorry to hear this. I know very well exactly what you describe, it is horrifying. I hope and trust you received the treatment and care you needed. As for, what happened? I don’t know. Panic attacks can be triggered by many things. I hope they provided you with a therapist to talk to and give you some tools. Always remember – Breathe, relax, this too shall pass.
    Hugs Lee xox

  2. Jack Dodge says:

    I just had the M.O.A.P.A. [Mother of all Panic Attacks] on Friday the 26th. It was hyperventilation, numbness, shaking and incapacitation that lasted four hours. I had to be hospitalized. I don’t think this was a only a panic attack. I spent the night in the hospital. I’ve never experienced something so terrifying. What happened??

  3. Dear Catherine,

    Thank you so much for your kind words.  It’s funny I’m reading this now as I am reflecting on the need for grace for myself.  It is so true – “only by shining the light on these subjects can we eradicate that unnecessary and damaging stigma”  

    That stigma is causing millions of people to not reach out and ask for help, to hide behind a mask of shame.. NO more!  There is nothing to be ashamed about with any mental illness…

    Much love & hugs

  4. Catherine Scheers says:

    Lee, your ability to be open and vulnerable to the world will help so many people who not only struggle with depression or anxiety but also the stigma associated with it.  Only by shining the light on these subjects can we eradicate that unnecessary and damaging stigma.  Thank you for being an example to the world of walking this path with grace and courage!

  5. Dear Christina,

    You are welcome, and I’m glad you have some tips for your own anxiety.  You are a blessing as well…

    Hugs & Love Lee xoxoxox

  6. Christina says:

    Lee you are helping so many people around you! Thank you for sharing with everyone! I will use your BLUE kit for anxiety! GREAT advice! You are a true blessing!!

  7. Christina says:

    Lee you are an incredible woman with an amazing gift of helping do many around you! Next time I have anxiety I’ll apply one of your BLUE tool!!

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