Using Sound for Your Mental Health

Sound is food for your body and soul.

Your brain responds to sound and music.

Your muscles respond to sound and music.

Your cells respond to sound and music.

Your emotions respond to sound and music.

Your heartbeat responds to sound and music.


Sharon Carne is a certified Sound Healer, a certified Reiki Master, and a certified Acutonics Practitioner.  In 2008, Sharon was invited to participate in a study on stress reduction sponsored by the Integrative Health Institute at Mount Royal University. Sharon developed a program specifically for the study using a variety of sound healing techniques.


I agree with Sharon’s statement: “the more tools we have in our toolkit, the better. Sound is a great tool.” Having a toolkit for your mental health is a must.  Sharon poses the question: What do you do when the emotional rollercoaster starts rocketing toward the bottom of the loop?


Clearing old emotional blocks has a huge benefit to your health and balance. Sometimes we don’t even know that they are there until they have been loosened up and start moving.  Sound, either on a CD or your own voice is one of the most powerful tools we have to help this process. Sound works at the cellular level where these blocks are stored.

In this situation, you have three choices:

  • Ignore the reaction and hope it will go away
  • Stuff the emotions back into your body
  • Allow them to flow, feel the feelings and let them go

Many people tend to be “stuffers.” When an emotional reaction comes up that they don’t want to deal with, it gets stuffed inside and not expressed. Emotions create a physical response in the body of a release of neuropeptides. The physical peptide network touches every cell of your body. “Stuffing” an emotional reaction stops the movement and flow of these peptides and they get planted somewhere in your body. Do this enough times and you can end up with any of a long list of uncomfortable physical symptoms.

Read more of Sharon’s article here > “Shifting Emotions with Sound”


I know for myself, sound is a treasured gift.  In times of anxiety and depression, I look to sound for healing, for peace and serenity.  Music that touches my heart and soul, the sounds of water traveling over the banks in a creek, the sweet sound of bird calls.  Sound can evoke in me many different emotions, and it always provides a release and an inner connection.


Take a moment each day and include sound in your tool kit for mental health.  Stop and listen, breathe and allow the sound to penetrate your being.


Do you use “Sound Therapy” would love to hear your experience?


Hugs & Love




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  1. Dear Sharon,

    You are welcome.  I am looking forward to receiving your beautiful CDs…

    Thank you for allowing me to share your thoughts, my hope is it benefits many.

    Hugs & Love 
    Lee xoxoxox

  2. Sharon Carne says:

    Thank you, Lee, for sharing my thoughts!  It is wonderful to hear how beautifully you have incorporated sound into your tools for health. Sound and music can shift an emotional state in seconds. We do it all the time – like a big sigh. We just don’t do it consciously. Using sound and music consciously is not only fun, it’s phenomenally beneficial at all levels!

    Health, harmony and hugs,

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