How to cook tofu?

When we think about vegetarian or vegan food – the first thing that comes to mind is tofu. Unfortunately, tofu, as well as other soy products, has many prejudices: tasteless, boring, rubber – these are very unfair opinions. Properly prepared tofu, it is tasty and varied in taste. How to cook tofu?

Production and origin of tofu

Tofu is made from ground soy or from soy milk with the addition of an ingredient (e.g. Nigari – a gelling substance obtained from sea water) needed for the flocculation process. Then a mass of “cheese” is formed, which is then drained of water and pressed into a block.

The exact origin of tofu is unknown. It is certain that it gained popularity in the 8th century AD as a result of the spread of the Buddhist faith. Over the years, tofu has become a staple food in many Asian countries. Thanks to its high protein content – up to 10%, this soy product is the preferred source of this important nutrient on a vegan diet.

In the meantime, especially on the organic food market, there is an increasing selection of tofu. Organic soybeans are grown in Europe, e.g. in Austria, France or Italy.

Possibilities of preparing tofu depending on its type

Natural tofu has many uses, and when properly prepared – it will easily take on the taste of a selected dish:

To quickly prepare “ground” crumble (drained of excess water) tofu with your fingers in the pan and fry well. You can add some soy sauce.

It is perfect for pickling. For this purpose, cut the tofu preferably into thin strips or cubes and keep it for at least two hours or all night in a marinade consisting of oil, herbs and spices. Try, for example, our recipe for Spicy Asian chili marinade.

Tofu can also be breadcrumbed, and so we suggest breaded tofu sticks.

Another interesting option is Tofu in the style of feta cheese with aromatic spices and good quality oil – reach for our recipe base.

How to cook tofu?

We also recommend tofu burgers accompanied by broccoli and miso. You can serve them as a typical burger in a roll or a potato and salad cutlet.

Tofu Caprese can be prepared easily and quickly with fresh tomatoes and basil. This salad is a great starter or addition to the main course.

Tofu is great for grilling – try our recipe for Grilled vegan skewers with tofu and vegetables.

You don’t have to give up your favorite dishes of Polish cuisine, e.g. in this recipe for Vegan Russian dumplings, tofu successfully replaces cheese.

You can also use natural tofu for desserts. A tasty sweet example of the various uses of tofu is this recipe for Vegan Viennese Cheesecake.

Smoked tofu has a smoked-salty taste, making it best suited to dry dishes:

You can make bacon from smoked tofu – just cut the tofu into thin slices and fry well in the pan.

Cut into small cubes, it goes well with »Eintopf« dishes, ie stews, stewed vegetables and dishes with potatoes. Try our recipe for Baked tofu with potato casserole.

Smoked tofu is also suitable as a filling for all kinds of dry baked goods, e.g. quiche or as an addition to pizza and casseroles.

Salads are another interesting and healthy option. As an example, we give our recipe for a refreshing, early summer salad with asparagus and strawberries – a great starter, lunch or a light dinner.



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