Opening an online shop – what should you watch out for?


Customer service at the highest level

The buying process must run smoothly. The irritated customer never comes back. There are a few questions to be answered: Is the ordering process clear? Maybe it’s too long and the customer just gives up after a few steps? Do you have a professional customer and complaint service? Do you keep your customers up to date with the order process and do you answer their questions as quickly as possible? Time is money! And last but not least: special offers. Free shipping, discounts, vouchers and loyalty points attract customers, bind them emotionally to the brand and intensify traffic on your website.

Let products shine

The visual side of your online presence is of great importance. The money you invest in a professional photo shoot and a recognizable logo and layout contributes to the visual recognition of the brand and will definitely pay off. Let professionals – photographers, graphic designers and marketing specialists – advise you. For example, if you run a fashion shop, you can have the clothes photographed on mannequins. The goods will certainly look more realistic and have a convincing effect.
Build a successful online presence

Social networks are an important communication medium in the business world too. Having a popular account on Instagram or Facebook can work wonders. Through active contact with customers (through comments, interesting blog posts on your homepage, but also, for example, a newsletter that is sent out regularly) you bind people to your brand and position yourself as an expert in the industry.

What else can we do to promote the online store?

There are many online marketing tools, you should consider each one in the context of your needs and budget. One of the options is website positioning, otherwise known as SEO activities. It is an action that brings results over a long period of time. If we want an immediate effect, a PPC campaign will work well. However, such activities require considerable financial outlays – it is worth considering whether we are ready for them now.


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