How to use a tampon?

The myths about tampons are still alive. Few women know how to choose a tampon – that its composition is key – and how to use it properly. How to use a tampon?

Tampons can be used by any woman who has started menstruation, as long as she can easily apply a tampon and it is a comfortable solution for her. Popular myths include the belief that virgins and young girls should not use them.

From the first menstrual period, the vaginal folds become stretchy, which means that you can freely try to apply a tampon. After all, some young women experience pain when inserting tampons, they also come across resistance that prevents the tampon from properly positioning. This is often caused by stress and stress before using this method.

How do you choose a tampon?

The absorbency of a tampon determines its size – the larger the tampon, the higher its absorbency. That is why when choosing a size you should not be guided by height or age, but by the abundance of bleeding during menstruation. In the first days of the period, high absorbency tampons will work better, and those with low absorbency at the end, when bleeding slowly stops.

Tampon, regardless of the manufacturer, is replaced on average every four hours. If you notice that after two or three hours you begin to feel the presence of a tampon in the vagina or after removal is heavily soaked in blood (even “swollen”), it means that you should reach for a larger size or replace it more often.

How to use a tampon?

How do you insert a tampon?

Installing a tampon is a seemingly simple task that should not cause many problems. However, some women practice very quickly, others take a little more time. The first use may prove embarrassing, but after some time installing the tampon will become extremely easy.

Learn step by step how to put on a tampon:

  • At the beginning, of course, remember to wash your hands thoroughly so as not to transfer any bacteria to the intimate areas.
  • The next step is to remove the protective cover that protects the tampon.
  • Firmly pull the string on the tip to make sure it is not damaged and will not break when you want to remove the tampon.
  • Straighten and stretch the string.
  • Then place your index finger in the delicate recess that is located at the end of the tampon.
  • Choose the most comfortable position for you – one is more comfortable with your leg up, others sitting and crouching.
  • If you have already decided on the position, open your labia and apply a tampon in the vagina – between the coil and the anus.
  • Tampons should be inserted gently in an arch as deeply as possible, pointing downwards.
  • If you encounter resistance, lightly change the angle of insertion so that the string always stays outside.
  • When the tampon is inserted correctly, you should not feel it at all.

Remember to regularly replace it with a new one.

What tampons for the first time?

What tampons to choose at the beginning decide the specific predispositions of women at a given moment. At the first menstrual periods and when the girl is still a virgin, you can choose the smallest size of tampons. In turn, during menstruation, the size of the tampon should be adjusted to the amount of bleeding.


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