How to tie a necktie?

There are many ways to tie a tie. Below are five of the most classic nodes. Read, practice and shine with a stylish knot. Don’t forget that every node should have a hole. Such a hole is a hole in the tie that is visible under the knot. It’s easy to find by placing your finger in the middle of the tie under the knot while you push it. How to tie a necktie?

Each knot, like the neck on which it is worn, has its own distinct character and atmosphere. The Van Wijk knot was created as the highest wearable knot, while the Windsor knot has a formality that makes it the favorite knot of the British Royal Air Force. Whatever node you choose, make sure you practice it before you really need it.

All you need to get started is a men’s tie, shirt and mirror.


An elegant straight knot is the best description for this long, narrow and very popular knot on a tie. Tie it with a visible dimple just below the knot to enhance your confident look. Thanks to the slim design, the straight knot (also called four-in-hand) helps to lengthen the neck optically. The knot is slightly skewed and asymmetrical, which attracts attention. It is easy to tie and fits well with slightly thicker ties. It’s a universal knot that fits all types of flanges except extremely extended flanges.

Double four-in-hand

The additional rotation made on the straight bond adds more volume while maintaining the characteristic asymmetrical appearance. Try a double knot with a wider collar, e.g. cut-away. Don’t forget the meaning of the hole under the tie knot that enlivens the tie. You can get it easily by pressing the little finger in the middle of the tie while holding the knot.

How to tie a necktie?


The Windsor node is symmetrical and wide. Neat and great, but it can be too official because of its simple triangular shape. It is suitable for more unbuttoned collars such as cut-away. Due to the fact that the node takes up a little more space, it is especially suitable for people with a slightly larger face. It should be remembered that this node has a wide shape, and therefore a tendency to optically shorten the neck. The Windsor knot looks best with slightly narrower ties.

Half windsor

The medium-sized half-Windsor knot fits everything. Apart from one loop in the classic Windsor knot, you will get a slightly smaller knot that will still be symmetrical. This type of knot is very useful and fits most collars and ties. The best option for those who want to improve their outfit without deviating from the norm.

What is the best tie node for wearing a collar clip? 

Try four in your hand or half Windsor. Each of them allows you to present a cufflink without hiding it.

What is the most difficult joint to tie? 

The Eldredge Node is one of the most complex nodes to master, but it’s worth the effort!

What is a popular necktie for the young girl? 

Windsor knots or half of Windsor work well with the formalities of most weddings and are fairly easy to master. If you want to add romance and stand out with your tie, try the knot of the trinity or the knot of true love.



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